David Mills

Certifications and Specializations:

  • Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
  • Certified Running Coach - NAASFP
  • Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist - ACE
  • Certified High Intensity Interval Training Instructor - (HIIT)
  • Post Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sports Performance


David is a Personal Trainer who can work with all abilities and ages creating specialized programs to meet individual needs. He specializes in Injury prevention and post Orthopedic rehab and as a certified Marathon Coach and can provide programs and training from 5ks to Marathons.

Working in Aspen as a trainer for the last 4 years, David has helped a variety of clients. From individuals with Guillain Barre syndrome to the Girls High School Soccer team as well as Pro Skiers. David enjoys being challenged and helping his clients achieve difficulty goals.

Prior to moving to Aspen in 2014, David spent 7 years serving in the British Army seeing active duty in Afghanistan. His military training taught him a lot about mental toughness, leadership and training discipline which he passes on to his clients.

In addition to participating in most of the local mountain based activities. David also competes in Trail Running and Elite Obsticle Course Racing. He has completed a number of Trail Marathons as well as competing at the Tough Mudder and Spartan World Championships.

He believes that correct movement mechanics and muscle balance is essential to staying young and achieving fitness and sporting goals. He likes to challenge clients in his sessions, whilst ensuring perfect form and technique.

Location:  Aspen Only

Available Equipment:

Rip Trainer, TRX, BOXU, Fitball, Agility Ladder, Resistance Bands, Mats, Foam Roller, Air Compression Recovery Pants


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