Richard Bird


Certifications and Specializations:

  • Yoga - 31 years practice, 22 years teaching

  • Meditation & Energy Healing – 31 years

  • Forrest Yoga, “Yoga As A Healing Practice” 19 years.  Helping students to heal injuries and release pain by breathing deeply, early abdominal series and using postures to get inner space and move bone off of bone to re-connect through weakly connected or disconnected areas. Specializing in knees, lower spine, neck and shoulders.

  • Certified Teacher of A Course In Light – Light Energy processes for transformation.

  • Co-Author of The LiteBodies Process, Becoming Your “Perfect Weight & Body Balance”. Meditative processes for healing your relationship with your body and food.


Richard Bird began his study and practice of Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing in 1987.  

In 1999 after having knee pain and injuries from spending too much time in meditation and his own mis-application of classical Yoga postures he returned to one of his original teachers (Ana Forrest) and train in her style of “Yoga As A Healing Practice”.  

After the second day of training his knees were healed - once again stable, strong and pain free.  

Now, at 57 years old Richard has been practicing Yoga for more than half his life. He gives you the tools to meet the unexpected challenges life brings you so you can live strong, healthy and happy through every stage of life! 

Location:  Aspen, Snowmass, Old Snowmass, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale, El Jebel

Requested Reasonable Conditions: Clean, quiet, smoke-free, non-air conditioned room

Available Equipment:

Mats, Straps, Blocks, Blankets



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