Bill Fabrocini


Bill Fabrocini is a clinician, coach, and teacher of movement and a specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance therapy with a background neurophysiology.

He has built his career around rehabilitating athletes and designing  innovative training programs striving to optimize human performance. Bill believes that everyone is an athlete designed to move. “We all share the same biology and are all governed by the same laws of physics.” 

Bill’s approach is to enhance movement ability through training principles that take advantage of the natural architecture of the human body and its ability to adapt.

Bill utilizes his vast knowledge of the human body to coach his clients and teach others how to build durable, dynamic athletes of all walks of life. It is no wonder his client base is so diverse: professional and collegiate athletes and sports teams, Olympians, corporate executives, youth sport organizations, and many others come to him for his guidance and diverse approach to enhance performance, productivity, and quality of life.

Bill has worked in the medical and fitness industry for over three decades primarily in Aspen Colorado, where he is co-founder of Aspen Core Fitness, the company that produced the Rip Trainer and the educatonal programming  that was acquired by fitness giant TRX.

Bill also co-authored with Chris Crowley “Thinner Next Year,” and “Younger Next Year: Exercise Program”.

In 2015, Bill founded the Aspen Sports Summit whose mission is to bring together the leaders in the world of sports medicine, fitness, and the medical industry to provide education for others while benefitting various philantropical causes making a difference in the world.

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