For Trainers

Be your own boss…a Coach, a Trainer, an Expert!
Work when you want…so you’ll never have to choose between earning a living and living an extraordinary life.
Earn what you need…It’s easy to make money helping others. How much is completely up to you. With so many visitors to our playground, there is opportunity at every corner! 
Improve yourself! Develop your career with some of the industry's leading health & fitness specialists.

Can anyone be a WOW trainer?

All trainers are welcome to apply via our simple sign-up process. To make sure WOW sessions are safe and high quality, we do screen all trainers. We check your certifications and experience and run you through a stringent vetting process.

What is required to train with WOW Aspen?

In order to train with WOW Aspen, you must have liability insurance and up to date certifications.

Is it easy to get started?

Yes! Sign up in minutes. Tell us about yourself, your skills, specializations and certifications. Once you’re approved to train with WOW Aspen, we’ll provide everything you need to be a success.

How am I featured?

We will create a profile page to highlight the amazing trainer you are!  And we will ensure that your photo, certifications, specializations and general description accurately reflect the experience the client will receive.

How do I set my schedule?

Once approved, you will receive access to Acuity Scheduling to accurately reflect dates when you are available for bookings. Acuity Scheduling supports 2-way syncing with iCloud, Office 365,, Exchange and Google Calendar.  2-way syncing adds appointments in Acuity Scheduling to your calendar and optionally blocks off time in Acuity from events on your calendar. Brilliant!

Does it cost anything to train for WOW Aspen?

It’s free to sign up. Once you start training, a standard percentage of your rate (20%) goes to getting more clients, better tools, advertising and marketing to keep your business running. You keep the rest. 

What is the price for each workout?

You’re in control.  You set the price as well as your availability, and reservation requirements. You can also set custom prices to earn more during high season.

How do I receive training requests?

Clients quickly and easily view your real-time availability, and book their appointments accordingly. No manual scheduling. You will automatically be notified by email when an appointment is booked. In addition, you will receive a Client Intake Form before meeting one-on-one.

Where will I train a client?

If you are associated with a local gym that allows drop-ins, then absolutely take them there! A client may request a workout at a park, hotel, office, etc. No one knows your neighborhood or town like you do. Share your favorite places with them.

What if I need to cancel?

If a cancellation is unavoidable, please make every effort to help clients find someone else to work with. Clients must adhere to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.  Any cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, you will get paid!

How do I get paid?

Easy bi-monthly payments via direct deposit.